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Bulimia Tips

Bulimia Tips For Successful Recovery

If you're looking for pro bulimia tips - you're in the wrong place. Bulimia tips such as how to purge more easily merely keep you trapped within the downward spiral. Our bulimia tips are for sufferers that have realised eating disorders are tough, unforgiving and addictive. If you're looking for bulimia tips we can only assume that bulimia is no longer the walk in the park it used to be. Maybe bulimia has begun to control you or perhaps bulimia already runs your life - whatever your position, our bulimia tips will help you.

If you've already done your bulimia tips research and want to recover, our bulimia help page is a good place to look.


Bulimia Tips - Make A Reality Check

what is bulimia

Be honest, how much of your day do you spend talking to yourself in your head? Are you aware that all your obsessing and worrying occurs in your mind - not outside in reality? So, in terms of making a reality check how many of your 'perceived problems' are actually real and how many are repeatedly created through speculation?

You see the fear of gaining weight requires you to speculate about what MAY happen. This means you go into your head and make pictures of yourself being heavier. You then add some scathing internal talk where you're mean and cruel to yourself before coming back to reality full of fear and self-loathing. The fear and self loathing then compel you to take action (like dieting). However, in reality all you've done is paint a mental picture of what COULD happen. Unfortunately your brain and emotional centre respond as though it already has happened - that's why you feel bad.

Let's take another example. You think in your mind that you're unattractive and unpopular. You make pictures in your mind of being shunned, rejected and mocked by others. The voice in your head contributes by narrating alongside the mental movies. The voice tells you how worthless and ugly you are. You come back to reality and in a desperate bid to over come your MADE UP problem you decide to diet (because that's bound to fix everything). You could also withdraw from society to avoid the potential rejection you speculated about. The more you withdraw the less contact you have. The less contact you have the more you convince yourself (in your head) that it's because you're unpopular...

It's incredible how quickly and effectively you can ruin your reality by believing the speculation you go through in your head. Of course you'll want to argue that you are ugly, unpopular and over-weight in reality... but let's face it you wouldn't be reading a page on bulimia tips if you thought any different!

If you're still intent on destroying yourself then we have to respect that. However, if these tips give you the impetus to stop and think about why you do what you do (and the fact bulimia doesn't actually serve you) then perhaps you'll begin to see another option. If you're ready to live a life like those happily fulfilled people around you - we can help. Keep reading to learn more about yourself and how you work...

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Bulimia Tips - Why People Take On An Eating Disorder

bulimia side effects

Any text book or medical professional will tell you that bulimia is an eating disorder. Food is indeed the vehicle of choice for the disorder. However, bulimia doesn't start because of food - it starts through emotional dissatisfaction.

There are two main reasons a sufferer starts with bulimia. The first is with respect to how they perceive themselves. The labels can vary but fat, ugly and unacceptable are common. In this respect bulimia is taken on to (supposedly) lose weight and improve the way the sufferer looks through weight loss. Thus fat becomes slim, ugly becomes attractive and unacceptable becomes acceptable.

The problem with using bulimia to look good is that it only works for a few weeks. Essentially the weight you lose is mainly water (not fat) which leads to dehydration. The knock on effect of using bulimia for longer than a month are the bulimia side effects. The side effects include scientifically proven weight gain (yes you read that correctly) as well as rotten teeth, sores, poor greying skin, lank thinning hair, eye bags and a host of medical conditions. Hence, in reality long term bulimia doesn't deliver on anything you hoped it would with respect to looking better.

The other reason for a sufferer starting with bulimia is control. It could be that you need to be a certain way physically for your work or profession. Perhaps you're in a relationship where you feel you have no control. Either way having your very own thing you can do, where you're in control and call the shots can seem to be a solution to this dilemma.

Unfortunately you only control bulimia for a very short time before it controls you. When you start to obsess over food and have the compulsion to binge... it's already too late - bulimia has you. Thus once again what you hoped bulimia would give you (long term control in your life) is replaced with an obsessive compulsive regime of self destruction, secrecy and shame.

The thing to focus on here is that in the beginning you were clear on what you wanted (and what you didn't want). Not only that, you also had it in you to take action to get what you wanted. This desire to achieve is still inside you, the only problem is that you're using a vehicle (bulimia) that simply doesn't deliver those things long term.

We can give you a fresh start with a clean sheet of paper. You can have those things you wanted (slim, attractive and acceptable) as well as control in your life - but you need to use the right system to achieve these things and KEEP THEM long term. This is simply what we do, so again have a think about that.

Next you'll learn how your emotions work and how we can teach you to take control of them...

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Bulimia Tips - Understand Your Emotions

effects of bulimia

We discussed earlier how people get into bulimia through fear and self-loathing. Interestingly these are both emotions. It would be a good idea for you to understand how your emotions work for several reasons. You'll understand:

  • Why you feel the way you do
  • How emotions dictate your decisions and actions
  • Why you got into an eating disorder
  • How fear keeps your eating disorder running
  • How you can change the way you feel in the future

Emotions are like a barometer which let us know how we relate to the world (reality) around us. Emotions can be positive or negative, feel good or bad and this helps us to make decisions in our lives which in turn dictates our behaviours. We like to think that we make our decisions rationally and based upon logic - but this simply isn't true. Our decisions are almost always based upon our emotions. A typical example of this is a bulimia sufferer continuing with the binge and purge cycle (for the purpose of weight control) when there is widespread scientific proof that bulimia causes weight gain! There's no logic or reason involved in this decision - it's purely an emotional decision based upon the FEAR of weight gain if they stop.

Emotions are not random as you may expect. Emotions are generated by thought process, the same thought process you use to decide that you're overweight, ugly or unacceptable. So in essence, the mental imagery and internal dialogue which runs through your mind is what causes you to feel the way you feel.

This means that the number on the scales, the reflection in the mirror or what you ate at your last meal are completely independent of how you feel. The problem you have gotten into is 'assuming' things outside of your thought processes (like your weight, how you look or what you eat) are responsible for how you feel. This is why you are using bulimia in an attempt to change these outside things, whilst in reality the real problem (your thought processes) runs without challenge.

Your real problem rests within your self perception and thought processes. Get this sorted out and your life will be fun, fulfilling and rewarding. Or you can continue 'thinking' it's about your weight or how you look and stay in the misery of the bulimia cycle.

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Bulimia Tips - Insecurity Running Wild

coping with bulimia

Each human develops insecurity (fear) from an early age. We all have it - even those who appear to be super-confident.

Fear can be a useful thing when it's in context. For example, when faced with an aggressive guard dog fear can prepare your body physically to best make your escape. However, in our society we rarely face genuine threat or danger. Thus most of our fears consist of speculation over what could or may happen.

We also seem to place a lot of importance upon social compliance or being liked and accepted. The reason for this is hard-wired into us from when we lived in caves. Back then we would be physically vulnerable as smaller animals would out run us and larger animals would over power us. Thus we relied upon being social and cooperative. By working together as a group we could prosper over the animals... whereas being alone we would almost surely perish.

The knock on effect from this social hard-wiring is that we have the desire to be liked and accepted. It's basically an in built survival tool. Now in our society corporations and the media play on this hard-wired insecurity by implying that as you stand you are not acceptable. However, by buying / owning their products or by following (accepted) fashion and industry standards you can become acceptable to society. It's basically a big lie to make them money and sell magazines.

Have you noticed that kitchen and bathroom biocides (germ killers) are always marketed to women? This is to play on their insecurity. If your bathroom isn't spotless - you'll be judged by other women! Buy our product and be safe from their finger pointing. Then there's the adverts with a baby in the kitchen and the evil germs. If you don't use our product your baby will become sick and it'll be your fault! It's all a scam to make money.

If you feel bad about yourself or that you're simply not good enough - look to your thought processes for the reason. However, also be aware that unscrupulous marketing is being used to play on your insecurities. Remember that no amount of products you buy nor how hard you try to fit in with industry standards (like cocaine fuelled bulimic models) will make you enough.

Being enough is in your head - it's in your thought processes... not in your wardrobe, kitchen or your reflection. We can help you find and be the person you really are under all the conflict and confusion. You just need to take action by getting in touch.

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Bulimia Tips - Accept You've Learned What Doesn't Work

bulimia clinic

When you started with bulimia you probably thought it was great. You lost weight, ate what you liked and had the control in your life you desired.

Then it started to go wrong. You stopped losing weight, the obsession with food got out of hand, you felt compelled to binge and purging went from a choice to a guilt riddled ritual.

As more time passed you started to notice your weight trying to rise, triggering more intense binge and purge compulsions. Your skin, hair, eyes and teeth all took a turn for the worse.

Your life became an isolated, secretive lie. You were filled with guilt and shame about what you did, telling yourself repeatedly - "that's the last time, never again!". Each time you tried to use your will power to stop... you failed... making you feel even more powerless and resenting yourself more and more. .

So, you started bulimia to lose weight, look good and gain control. In truth you've probably gained weight, look bloated and haggard (as most bulimics do) and have no control whatsoever - hence the fact you can't get out of it on your own.

Are you sure having bulimia for the next TEN YEARS is going to turn things around? How will your skin look with sores all over it? How will your teeth look when they've dissolved down to stumps? How will your hair look... the straggly lank bits between the bald patches? Are you going to wait and see or is it time to take that reality check and realise bulimia is NEVER going to get you the things you wanted?

We know what works, and we make no apology for being straight and blunt with our information. If you want out of bulimia we can help you. If you want to feel good about yourself and have a happy fulfilling life, we can help you.

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Bulimia Tips - When Enough Is Enough, Do Something About It

signs of bulimia

If you've got this far down the page - well done. You've probably had enough of bulimia and want to recover. That in itself is a big step in the right direction. We get thousands of visits to this page from bulimia newbies who still think it's the best thing since sliced bread... but they'll learn in time.

Let's consider the three main reason why bulimia sufferers fail to take action to recover:

  • Fear of weight gain when stopping the purge process
  • Fear of judgement
  • Fear of failure

The fear of weight gain is part of the bulimia process... and you're going to have that whether you continue with bulimia or go for recovery. Thus, this isn't really a valid reason for failing to take recovery action. The truth is that the binge / purge cycle actually encourages weight gain... so the sooner you're free of it - the sooner your weight will become stable (and you wont have to worry about it a hundred times a day).

The fear of judgement is mere speculation driven by your thought processes and insecurity (see above). Frankly, we don't mind if you stay bulimic or work with us - that's entirely your decision. However, in reality we understand it takes a lot of courage to push through and ask for help. Thus the only judgement you'll get from us is acknowledgement that you've had the courage and determination to do something about it... and that's more than we can say for the bulimia sufferers who will read this, make excuses and do nothing. Contacting us is proof you are on the road to recovery, making excuses or procrastination isn't. It's your call.

The fear of failure is again just speculation. You may think you've failed to quit bulimia through will power so you'll fail at everything. This simply isn't true. You've failed with will power because will power alone isn't enough to overcome bulimia. We are here to give you precisely what you need in order to successfully recover. Nobody here is going to twist your arm or force you to do anything, it has to be your choice. If you choose recovery... you can have it.

Follow the link for further information - bulimia help

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