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Bulimia help can be hard to find, particularly if you're looking for help, advice and bulimia treatment that really works. This bulimia help page outlines who we help with bulimia, how much it costs, how long it takes and what to expect from recovery. If you're serious about getting help for your bulimia... we promise we'll help you get your life back on track.


Bulimia Help - Are You Sick Of Bulimia Yet?

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If you're just window shopping, looking for pro-bulimia tips or seeking out like minded bulimia sufferers to somehow normalise your behaviour - we can't help you.

However, if you've had enough of suffering with bulimia, the secrecy, the lies, the bloat, the expense, the shame, the degradation, the tiredness, the memory loss, the lack of focus, the obsessing over food, the losing control when binging, not to mention all the physical and psychological ailments... and are sick of bulimia - you're ready for our help.

Sure, you may have doubts and probably fear failure. You may also worry about being judged because of what you have gotten yourself into and done for so long. However, in truth all that matters is you've come to the conclusion that you can't live the rest of your life with bulimia - and we respect that. This is all it takes in order to make that first essential step towards recovery.

You've probably already tried to overcome bulimia through your own willpower... and failed numerous times. Genuinely speaking, it is very, very rare for any bulimia sufferer to fully recover without professional help. Thus in reality you're probably not the failure you think you are - it's more accurate to say that you didn't have all the tools you needed in order to recover. The good news is that we can give you the tools and perspectives you require. What you need to bring to the table is motivation to get your life back on track.

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Bulimia Help - We Only Help Those Who Help Themselves...

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Interestingly, our clients don't need a referral from their GP. Some of our clients are indeed referred by doctors, psychologists and mental health organisations - but this isn't a requirement. What is a requirement (and is essential) is that each of our clients is in a position where they've had enough of suffering with bulimia and WANT to recover.

The truth is that when a client is referred by a third party (a GP or other professional), it's the third party that's making the effort to take action. What we like to see is the bulimia sufferer taking action. Even if it's just to pick up the phone and ask for more information - that demonstrates commitment to recovery.

We understand the shame, embarrassment and fear that comes with bulimia. This is why a simple step like calling us tells us a lot about your motivation to recover. We appreciate it's easy to procrastinate, make excuses and hope things will get better on their own - but these things merely prolong the bulimia disorder.

By taking action to get in contact you're not only demonstrating your will to recover to us... but more importantly to yourself. On the other side of the coin, by doing nothing, you add to your history of failure and not being good enough which in turn manifests as more self-loathing. It's entirely your decision and it's not for us to push you either way.

All we'll say is if you've had enough of suffering and want to get your life back on track - you can have it. Our contact number is 01782 855585. We'll talk to you without obligation or judgement.

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Bulimia Help - How Much Does It Cost?

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We run a private Clinic so it's up to our clients to fund their own treatment. However, the good news is that our fees are very, very reasonable.

We provide Face to Face Consultations at our Clinic in North Staffordshire for those people living in our regional catchment area. However, if you don't live near our Clinic we can provide Online Consultations with the very same Specialists. These Online Consultations are One to One and can take the form of Skype Video or Telephone Consultations. Thus no matter where you are located in the UK we can work together.

Our Online Consultation fees are £69.00 for a one hour session.

Our Face to Face Consultations are £95.00 for a 90-minute session. (Our research shows that longer sessions work better for face to face appointments).

The sessions work on a 'pay as you go' basis so you spread the cost and pay only for what you need.

We also offer a full money back guarantee on your Initial Consultation so you can try us without any financial risk or obligation.

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Bulimia Help - How Long Does Recovery Take?

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"How long will recovery take?" - This is a really common question we get asked, and with good reason. In reality, our Consultants are the finest in their field and they can teach you the tools, techniques and perspectives you need to recover very rapidly.

However, the single most key element influencing how long recovery will take is YOUR COMMITMENT to implementing what you learn and essentially doing the things we suggest.

It makes sense for us to work at a pace which is comfortable for you. If you want to go 'all out' and recover as quickly as possible - we can accommodate that. We will give you the tools, techniques and perspective to you as quickly as you can take them in and implement them into your life.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more steady structured approach we can accommodate that also. Although we will support and motivate you throughout your recovery - there will be no pressure from us to hit certain targets. Your schedule and targets will be your own.

So in answer to the original question - recovery will be as fast or as steady as YOU CHOOSE IT TO BE.

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Bulimia Help - What Can You Expect From Recovery?

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Let's consider why you started with bulimia in the first place. It's probably true to say that you were unhappy (possibly deeply so), dissatisfied and felt as though you lacked control in your life.

When you took on bulimia, in the first weeks you probably experienced weight loss which made you feel you looked better, which in turn made you feel better about yourself, which in turn gave you satisfaction and fulfillment. You also probably came to the realisation that you were in control. You could control what you ate, how you looked and how you felt about yourself emotionally... perfect... then it all went wrong as bulimia took over and ruined your life.

The things you felt were initially lacking (happiness, satisfaction, control) are indeed worth pursuing. In fact they are essential for your long term well being. However, trying to achieve these things through an eating disorder is always a no-no. Statistically speaking you're actually part of a huge group of people who try to achieve these things this way... but it doesn't work for any of them. Thus you are certainly not alone.

The problem many bulimia sufferers have is that they look back to those magical few weeks when they started with bulimia and try to rationalise that if they persist things will somehow return to what they once were. Thus they are actually pursuing the happiness, satisfaction, feeling good about themselves emotionally and having control. You don't need an eating disorder to have these things... in fact you've already learned from experience that having an eating disorder means you have none of these things long term.

We can give you all the positive things you wanted from bulimia (improved self image, happiness, acceptance, control, etc) but with us you'll experience them far more intensely and this time (unlike with bulimia) it'll last! Oh and there's no obsessive, compulsive rituals with what we do either - so there are NO unpleasant side effects.

All the things you want are emotional, so you need to pursue the emotions directly. Using food as a tool or vehicle to 'tinker' with your emotional states is amateur at best. We'll show you how to be a real professional when it comes to getting yourself feeling just right.

The truth is that everything you do in your life is driven by emotion. Everything you perceive on the outside is calibrated (made sense of) through your emotional response to it. This stuff is so important, you owe it to yourself to get it right. Emotions are not random and the only reason they seem to be outside of your control is because you don't understand how they work. You feel them - but you don't understand how they're created or controlled.

We will teach you how to rapidly get rid of unpleasant emotions and to turn up the intensity of the good ones you decide to keep. Things that used to cripple you with anxiety or self-criticism will cease to matter. This is the sort of control we can give you in your life.

If you think this is far fetched, unbelievable or we're making it up - that's fine, you're entitled to your opinion and we'll work with someone else instead. Keep your bulimia whilst someone else takes your place and recovers, it makes no difference to us who we help. You are responsible for your decisions and if you choose excuses or skepticism... that's your prerogative.

In all honesty we are telling you the truth. We've been doing this for over fifteen years and we're very good at it. In reality you have nothing to lose other than the misery bulimia will continue to bring you. If you book a Consultation with us and decide (for whatever reason) you don't think we can help - it wont cost you a penny. If you weigh that option against a potential lifetime of misery at the hands of bulimia... it should really be a no-brainer.

It's entirely up to you...

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Bulimia Help - Want To Recover? What To Do Now...

what is bulimia nervosa

The next step is so simple it's not worth making a big deal of it.

If you live outside of North Staffordshire you're probably best booking an Online Skype Consultation. This is very straight forward and it'll get the ball rolling towards starting your recovery. For more information go to Online Consultations

If you live in or near North Staffordshire a Face to Face Consultation will be best for you. They are marginally more expensive, but sitting down face to face with a Specialist in person is worth the small amount of extra money. For more information go to Face to Face Consultations

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