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Bulimia Side Effects

Do You Have Bulimia Side Effects?

Bulimia side effects are numerous. Here we list the most common bulimia side effects and explain the associated risks. Some bulimia side effects are short-lived and will disappear quickly following recovery. However, other bulimia side effects (maintained by the binge and purge process) can be potentially life threatening.

We are always straight with our information and advice, so if you're looking for sugar coating or to be told that bulimia will make everything OK - you'd be better looking elsewhere.


Bulimia Side Effects - Dehydration...

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Purging through vomiting (or to a degree through other methods like abusing laxatives / diuretics & extreme exercise) can cause severe dehydration. You may be foolish enough to think that dehydration is a good thing because it keeps a few precious pounds off you when you weigh yourself. It's certainly true that being dehydrated WILL lower your weight, but consider for a moment why you are trying to lower your weight in the first place?

It's to look good - right?

So your greying skin and the fact that it's beginning to thin and lose its elasticity makes you look good does it? The fact that your eyes are dull and have bags under them makes you more attractive does it? These are just the incidental, cosmetic signs of dehydration... next we're going to consider the more threatening aspects...

You probably already experience dizziness or light-headedness and your memory could well have deteriorated too. This is because your brain doesn't have enough water to work properly. Have you ever considered if these things are actually serving your purpose of being more accepted, liked and fitting in? Do these things help you make a good impression, make you competent and buff your self-confidence?

Headaches are another common effect of dehydration. This results in difficulties focusing and paying attention... not to mention the fact that they can make you irritable, snappy and emotionally edgy. Again - is this serving you? Are these things bringing you what you originally wanted when you started with bulimia - or are they getting worse and worse?

Tiredness and lethargy are also caused by dehydration. Water is needed by your body to flush out toxins. A lack of water means the toxins sit inside your body and fester. They are basically poisoning you from the inside whilst you concern yourself with what you may weigh. Does this bring you what you want?

Ongoing dehydration can affect the function of your kidneys. This can result in kidney stones. There is also joint and muscle damage, irregular heartbeat and potential cholesterol issues to consider. So perhaps, if looking good is so important to you - maybe you should consider how good you'll look in a hospital bed with a catheter bag hanging out of you. Does dehydration help you get what you want... absolutely not.

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Bulimia Side Effects - Weight Gain...

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Yes, you read it right - WEIGHT GAIN! Purging only works for weight loss for a very short time when bulimia first starts. The body is designed to survive and the moment it recognises there is famine or restriction it goes into overdrive.

You start digesting food and absorbing calories the moment they hit your stomach. No matter how little time your binge takes - the food that goes in first will have had time to be at least partically digested. There's no reversing that.

The binge and purge cycle by its very nature means that excessive amounts of food (and calories) are consumed and partially digested - before the remainder is purged. In some cases the ingested calories are so high (and the body is so intent on digesting them) that weight gain is inevitable.

Thus the very thing that started out as weight control now controls you (through compulsion) and gains you weight. This isn't to menation the utter misery, guilt and shame it brings to your life. Isn't it time you stopped playing its game and got yourself some help? The truth is that you can be slim AND feel good about yourself BUT never through an eating disorder.

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Bulimia Side Effects - Tooth Decay & Mouth Sores...

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So you chose bulimia to make you look good? Since when has having yellowing, decaying teeth, bad breath and mouth sores made anyone more attractive?

Stomach acid does really terrible things to teeth and skin. In fact stomach acid is so corrosive your stomach lining has to be constantly renewed to prevent the acid from eating through it. Is it any wonder you have bad teeth?

Of course the benefits of vomiting don't end there. You also have increased risk of stomach ulcers (and they really hurt), throat infections and reflux. If you get sore throats and your voice sounds hoarse, that'll be because the acid which should remain in your stomach has being eating away at parts of your body it shouldn't.

If you use bulimia to look good and be popular with others - you should take a reality check. There's nothing nice about these side effects.

If you continue with bulimia (which is your perogative) the side effects will continue and gradually become worse. If you seek help and recover from bulimia most of the side effects will right themselves. You may need some dental work, but that's actually quite a small price to pay for what you've put your body through.

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Overcoming Bulimia And Its Side Effects...

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There's plenty of no-nonsense information on this website to help you understand specifically how bulimia works, how it self-perpetuates and also how to get help. The only thing preventing you from recovering from bulimia is your fear that without it - things will get even worse. The truth is that it was your fear which got you into bulimia in the first place (fear of being fat, fear of rejection, fear of not being good enough, etc). Let's face it, fear brings you probelms and misery... and more fear will bring you more problems and more misery. Are you going to carry on with that or do something different?

What you actually need is the determination to do something about it. Now, you know as well as we do that you've 'tried' to stop before. You're said 'never again' and meant it at the time. However, because of the way bulimia works you can't just choose to stop doing it by saying a few words in your head. You need professional help.

Bulimia is very, very common. It is only the secrecy of the sufferers that makes bulimia seem more isolated than it actually is. You don't need to suffer anymore... we can sort this together. You can be making measurable progress in a matter of weeks. Now, compare that to how long you've already suffered at the hands of bulimia and potentially how much longer you could suffer.

How much longer are you going to make well intended promises to yourself? How many more excuses and lies are you prepared to tell your friends and loved ones? How much more self-destructive behaviour are you willing to bring upon yourself?

You can have your life back and with our help it can be better than it's ever been. A life where you are kind to yourself, you accept yourself and you feel good about who you are. You can have this... or you can make excuses, procrastinate and keep bulimia, its misery, its shame and its side effects indefinitely. It's your choice...

There's no need to make your commitment to recovery right now. Have a look at out bulimia help page - it'll help you to decide what to do for the best.

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